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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Art Time!

Today we learned how to weave. The kids had a blast setting up and getting started--but they lost some steam with the repetition of the weaving... I call it a success though because they keep going back to it!!

If you want to try your own weaving projects, it's really simple to do.

Step One: Start with a sturdy piece of cardboard or thick plastic. (We recycled a sheet of plastic off of an old planner I had and taped some colored construction paper behind it.)

Step Two: Use a ruler to give you even spaces at the top and bottom (we spaced ours at 1cm intervals),  making sure you have an even number of marks. Once you get that measured, cut V notches at each mark so you end up with a saw tooth pattern at both the top and bottom of the cardboard or plastic sheet. 

Step Three: Use a sturdy string (we used embroidery floss) and wrap it around the cardboard or plastic loom you've made, using alternating colors to make the weaving easier.

Step Four: Create a "needle" by taping one end of your yarn to a craft stick and use it to weave! Be sure to secure your first row by tying the yarn to the first row of embroidery floss, otherwise it will unravel. Continue adding new sections of yarn as you run low by either tying the ends of the yarn together tightly or tying the new section of yarn to the embroidery floss where you have left off.


...and the smiles!!!

Step Six: When your work is complete, push the weaving tightly together and cut the embroidery floss off of the loom. Make sure you tie together the sections of floss as you go, so your work won't unravel! 

Have fun with this and let your kids go at their own pace. Keep in mind that the bigger your project, the longer it will take to complete. My boys decided to tackle potholders and my girls wanted to do bracelets. Notice who got more done!!  

If you are more ambitious, you could also do this pattern as a circle! I think I'll challenge them to make us a set of nice round coasters next!! 

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