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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Colorful Eggshells

What is this time of year without a few colorful eggshells? My kids always thrill at seeing their creations (to the point of wanting to keep special eggs under pillows…), and they are always heartbroken when the best part of the egg (its colorful wrapper) is thrown out.

This year we decided to turn those eggshells into artwork! I found coloring pages of things each of the kids were interested in (color by numbers make it more educational), had them cut and mount onto black construction paper, and set them loose. 

If you have a budding artist, you could give them a white piece of chalk and have them draw a picture directly onto the black construction paper. The darker the background, the more dramatic the final result.

Mosaic Eggshell Butterfly

 Mosaic Eggshell Turtle

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

National Homeschool Book Award

I just ran across the newly launched National Homeschool Book Award site, and HAD to share. The site offers a wonderful chance for kids to not only find amazing new books, but also gives them an opportunity to celebrate authors who write books that appeal to homeschoolers, and gives home schooled kids a voice.
The award program was created by a group of literature-loving homeschool moms, and they have just announced the four finalists for this year's award.

Being a part of the National Homeschool Book Award is free and simple! All you have to do is read the four books and pick your favorite in October when the voting polls open. The winner will be  announced in November. 
In the meantime, the National Homeschool Book Award blog will post information about the books and their authors, activities and more!
You can also catch them on facebook!