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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Busy Week!

It sure has been a busy week. I want to congratulate Randall Mullins for winning our very first Home School Quote Contest!! You can find his fantastic winning quote on our facebook page

Since today is Election Day, I thought I'd share a great site for introducing democracy to kids. pbskids.org examines what government is, what role it plays in our lives, and why we need government.

Election Day is also a great time to explore how other parts of the world vote. For instance, did you know that women were granted the right to cast ballots in Kuwait in 2005? Crayola.com has a great lesson plan that outlines how to get started exploring this fascinating topic. 

Finally, the Secretary of State, Just4You website is a must visit for any homeschooler interested in further exploration of democracy, voting, and elections. It's full of great info, lesson plans, fun videos, and much more. 

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